Where to Buy Shakeology? Discount Coupon + FREE Shaker Bottle
Shakeology Discount Coupon

Shakeology Coupon

Wondering Where to Buy Discounted Shakeology + Receive $2 Shipping
…and an AWESOME Free Gift?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Simply Click the Picture Above and Request
the Shakeology Discount Code Password


Hello, my name is Holly Blochowitz and I have been a “Top Coach” with Team Beachbody since 2008.

For the past few years I have…

1.  Mailed a Shakeology Shaker Cup to every person who purchased Shakeology through me, on Monthly Autoship with free shipping, in a Challenge Pack, or as a Shakeology Discount Coach.

2.  Mailed free Shakeology samples to people who want to try it before they buy it.

But things have changed…and for the better!

1.  What’s Better than Shakeology Free Shipping & Shaker?

Let me explain…

As the popularity of Shakeology grew (and thousands of new people were excited to be able to give their body 70+ superfoods every day, month after month) Beachbody had to put an end to their “Shakeology Free Shipping” with Monthly Autoship Coupon.   However, they replaced it with $2 Super Discount Shipping.   This is still a savings of more than $10 in most cases, since the average cost for shipping a one-time Shakeology order is $12-$15.

Shakeology Free Shipping

While I loved being able to send a free Premium Shaker Cup to everyone who purchased Shakeology  from me, I didn’t feel I was being appreciative enough of those who loved it and kept their order active month after month.    You can cancel your shipment at any time, or even return the empty bag for a full refund, so of course I would occasionally mail out a shaker, only to find out later that the sale was reversed.    I didn’t mind; sure I wish they had given Shakeology more of chance, or tried a different flavor (which I will explain the importance of shortly,) but I truly only want what is best for each of us.  So even if they didn’t continue to drink Shakeology, hopefully they are still enjoying their free cup…and at least they received $2 super discount or free shipping.


Shakeology Coupon 2015

However, I wanted a better way to say thank you…

The majority of people love Shakeology, and continue to receive it month after month.  Therefore, I thought a fun way for me to not only say thank you, but to help with the loss of the Shakeology Free Shipping Coupon Code, would be to send you a Free Premium Hybrid Shaker Bottle (Storage Canisters are no longer available) if you place a Monthly Shakeology Autoship Order, buy a Shakeology Challenge Pack, or become a Shakeology Discount Coach.   

You’ll still pay only $2 for shipping each month if you buy on Monthly Autoship or through a Challenge Pack, but what’s more fun than an awesome  free gift!

The truth is, Shakeology and it’s 70+ superfoods are the real gift.   It has not only changed my health, but the health my family and I am truly grateful.   Therefore…I want as many people as possible to “feel” the way Shakeology makes me “feel.”


2.  What’s Better than Free Shakeology Samples?

This one is simple…

Making sure that if you are going to drink Shakeology every day, you love the flavor you are drinking.

Each Shakeology flavor tastes extremely different…

It’s not like other shakes, where they all taste about the same except maybewhere to buy Shakeology with Discount a slight “flavored” after taste, since Shakeology doesn’t use “artificial flavoring.”  Instead, it is a group of completely different superfoods that make each flavor taste unique – which in turn creates very different consistencies, textures, and yes tastes.

Therefore, here’s what always happened in the past…

People would request Shakeology samples from me in the flavor “they thought” they would like, and I would happily mail it to them.   Sometimes they would love it, place their monthly autoship order, and I would mail them a free Shaker Cup.   But the majority of the time one of these three things happened…

1.  They liked it, ordered it, and drank it daily…but never really “enjoyed” it.  Basically, they tolerated it because they really wanted to give their body the 70+ super foods every day.

2.  They didn’t like the flavor I sent them and incorrectly assumed they just didn’t like Shakeology.

3.   They would ask for additional Shakeology Samples until we found the one they loved!

Thankfully…Team Beachbody listened and created Shakeology Sample Packs!

So what’s better than Free Shakeology Samples?

where can I buy Shakeology with a coupon

I am here to help you, so please feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Click Here to Request the
Shakeology Discount and Free Hybrid Shakeology Bottle Code


Remember, Beachbody does not offer or allow
Shakeology Coupons, Shakeology Promo Codes, or anything similar.

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Shakeology Coach Discount

Discount Coaches…

–  Save a Ton of Money

–  Can Earn Referral Commissions

–  But are NEVER Required to
Buy or Sell Anything!

The Shakeology Coach Discounts & Benefits:
Shakeology Promo Code 2015

–  $2 Super Discount Shipping on Home Direct (HD) Shakeology Orders  (Instantly saving you $12 EVERY month.)

–  Save $16.54 on your first bag/box of Shakeology every month

– Save $32.49 on any additional bags/boxes of Shakeology each month

–  Sign-up through this website with a HD Shakeology order or a Challenge Pack and I will mail you a Free Shakeology Hybrid Shaker Bottle or Storage Canister

–  Save 25% on ALL of your other Beachbody purchases

–  Earn money if you refer others to Shakeology or any Beachbody product.  Check out the numbers below on how much you can really make…

(If you do not want  to become a Beachbody Discount Coach, click here to still receive $2 Shipping + A Free Shaker or Canister.)

But if you plan on buying 1 or more bags of Shakeology monthly,
there are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it…you definitely want
to become a Beachbody Coach for the discount.

And don’t worry, you will never be required to buy or sell anything!

Example of the Shakeology Coach Discount:

$129.95 (Retail Price)
– $32.49 (25% Coach Discount)
+ $15.95 (Monthly Coach Fee)
$113.41 for Shakeology with a Coach Membership

$97.46 for additional monthly orders of Shakeology
(Since your fees are already paid for the month!)

Example of a Shakeology Discount Coach’s EARNING Potential:

– Tell 1 person about Shakeology and you could earn $30 every month.
– 5 people and you could be making an extra $150 a month.
– 20 people = $600 a month!

What if over time you told 100 people?   That’s right…$3,000 a month!


BEFORE Clicking the Picture Below to Become
a Discount Beachbody Coach, Please Read this Carefully…

Become a Shakeology Challenge Pack Discount Coach  – To receive everything listed above, it MUST say, “Our records show your Coach will be Jeff (or Holly) Blochowitz” under Coach Referral at the very bottom of the first page of the application.

– You can have the $39.95 sign-up fee WAIVED by purchasing a Challenge Pack during the enrollment process. And after you become a Shakeology Discount Coach you can no longer buy Challenge Packs, so this is your only chance.  (Plus, Challenge Packs give you 30 days free of “Beachbody On Demand”, which is unlimited online access to hundreds of Beachbody workouts!)

– After joining, visit this page to request your Free Shaker Bottle or Canister!

become a shakeology discount coach

Discount Shakeology Coupon Code 2015


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Shakeology Coupon? $2 Shipping + 2 Free Shakers

Shakeology Coupon & Promo Codes?  Sorry, Beachbody doesn’t allow them.

But I’ll show you how to save 10-15% and
Receive $2 Shipping + a Free Shaker or Storage Canister…

You’re probably thinking, “Hey, wait a minute Holly, several websites advertise Shakeology Coupons!”  And you’re right; there are many websites promoting “Shakeology Coupons 2015” or “Shakeology Coupon Discounts,” but unfortunately they are misleading you, and when you go to place your order it says, “No Coupon Code Required for Discount.”

Why?  Because in reality, they are only offering you the same discounts that Team Beachbody makes available toShakeology promo code not requiredeveryone…without a coupon.

Therefore, not only will I be happy to show you why you don’t need a Shakeology Coupon to save 10-25%, and how you can pay only $2.00 for shipping…but if you order through me, I will mail you:  A FREE Premium Shaker Cup, a FREE Premium Hybrid Shaker Bottle, or a Shakeology Storage Canister

Learn How the Shakeology Discounts Work

Submit the form above and I will send you an email explaining exactly how you can…

–  Pay only $2.00 for shipping
–  Receive 2 brand new Shakeology Shakers from me
–  Save 10% or 25% on Shakeology and everything you buy from Team Beachbody
–  How you can have 24 hour, unlimited online access, to hundreds of Beachbody’s top fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, etc.

Or Better Yet…
Email Me and I Will Reply with All of Your Options

If it would help…

Email me, or reply to the email I send you (after you submit the form above) with the products you are interested in buying, and I will reply with the different options that are available to you.

It can be very confusing since Team Beachbody offers so many different ways to save, but I can quickly simplify it for you…if I know exactly what you are considering.

No one wants to spend more money than they have to, which is why…
I don’t blame you for looking for a Shakeology Coupon Code in the first place!   

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Shakeology Discount Coupon for Tropical Strawberry Ingredients

Try a Shakeology 7 Day Sampler Pack

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Shakeology Discount Code Password

Thank You for Requesting the
Shakeology Discount Code Password…

Please check your Inbox for an email from “Holly (and Jeff)”
with the Subject Line of:  “Your Shakeology Code”

(It may be in your Spam or Junk Folder.)

If for some reason you cannot find the email,
please use the form on the “Ask Me” page to contact me.


Read the email carefully to learn..

1.  How you can receive several different discounts on Shakeology without using a coupon or promo code (since they do not exist and Beachbody does not allow them.)

2.  How to receive $2.00 monthly shipping (since Beachbody no longer offers Shakeology Free Shipping.)

3.  How I will send you a Free Shakeology Hybrid Shaker Bottle or Storage Canister.


If you need help, or have questions…just let me know!

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21 Day Fix Coupon Or Promo Code? + A Free Shaker

21 Day Fix Promo Coupon Code

21 Day Fix Coupon Code,
FREE GIFTS, and an Optional
Shakeology Discount!

Beachbody does not offer or allow
21 Day Fix coupons or promo codes, but…

Below are two ways you can not only
SAVE MONEY on 21 Day Fix (Extreme),
but how you can receive FREE GIFTS too!
(Bonus DVDs, Shaker Bottle, Canister, etc.)


1.  Save $20 Instantly by Purchasing 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme Together

Plus…when you order through this link, you will receive 2 FREE BONUS DVDs:  Plyo Fix and The Fix Challenge (a $39.90 value.)


2.  Receive 21 Day Fix (or 21 Day Fix Extreme) for ONLY $30

Shakeology Promo Code 2015Try Beachbody’s 70+ Superfood meal replacement, Shakeology, and  and receive 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme for only $30!

Plus, when you order a 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack through this link I will send you a free Shakeology Hybrid Shaker Bottle or Storage Canister!   (After placing your order, just submit the form at the bottom of this page.)


Learn More or Buy 21 Day Fix
Learn More or Buy 21 Day Fix Extreme


If you purchased a Challenge Pack from this page, please send me a message with this information to request your Free Hybrid Shaker Bottle or Canister…

– Your Name
– Your Order #
– Your Mailing Address
– The free gift you would like to receive:  A free Shakeology Canister (and with which color lid: black or white) or a Premium Hybrid Shaker Bottle (and your color preference: Graphite, Mint, or Plum)

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]


What is 21 Day Fix?

It’s a simple to follow fitness and nutrition program that has allowed people to lose up to 15 pounds in only 21 days.   Sure it’s probably the best fitness program and diet for losing weight quickly for those of you leaving on vacation soon, or who have a reunion coming soon…but who doesn’t want quick results just because?

Fitness:  6 thirty minute easy-to-follow workouts on 2 DVDs
Eating:  6 portion control containers to eat your meals from


What is the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack?

–  A 30 day supply of Shakeology
–  The 21 Day Fix Program
–  A Free 30 Day Trial Membership of the Team Beachbody Club


–  21 Day Fix Eating Plan
–  3 Day Quick Fix
–  Dirty 30 workout
–  24/7 online support

So the good news is…you don’t have to waste time looking for a
21 Day Fix (Extreme) Coupon or Promotion Code to save money.

And, you can even receive a Shakeology Discount!

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21 Day Fix Coupon Code? Get it for Only $10

Coupon Code for 21 Day FixThis is by far the best sale I have ever been able to offer you through Beachbody!

Try Shakeology, and..

Get 21 Day Fix, or
21 Day Fix Extreme
for ONLY $10.00

And you don’t even need a
Shakeology coupon or promo code!

Here’s what you’ll get…

–  Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology
–  21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme which included 6 amazing routines, color coded portion control containers, and 4 free gifts (All for just $10 more!)
–  A FREE 30-Day Trial to the Team Beachbody Club, so you can streaming your 21 Day Fix workouts on any mobile device, AND have access to more than $3,000 in other proven Beachbody workouts!
–  A FREE Shakeology Hybrid Shaker Bottle or Storage Canister from me!

21 Day Fix CouponsAnd…

The cookbook that goes along with 21 Day Fix is now available…

Autumn Calabrese’s “Fixate” cookbook includes 101 tasty recipes specifically designed for the “color coded portion control containers” that come with 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Click the picture on the right to learn more about the Fixate Cookbook or to order it now.


JULY ONLY, So click each link to learn more, or to place your order…

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack Promotion

21 Day Fix “Extreme” Challenge Pack Promotion

If you have not detoxed for a few months, or have
excess weight to lose, I recommend the “Kickstart” packs…

21 Day Fix Kickstart Challenge Pack Promotion

21 Day Fix “Extreme” Kickstart Challenge Pack Promotion

*After placing your order from this page, be sure to fill out this form to request your free Shaker or Canister.

If you have questions, need help/motivation, or anything else, please let me know…
I am ready to help you reach your fitness, nutrition, and financial goals!’


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