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shakeology where to buy button

Shakeology, Where to Buy it
without a Coupon or Promo Code to
Save 10-25% +  2 Free Shaker Bottles

Figuring out where to buy Shakeology, and at the best price without a coupon, can be confusing…but the info. below will simplify it for you!


Shakeology, Where Can You Buy it?

There are only two places…

1.  Directly from Beachbody:   Once you make your purchase, either by calling Beachbody directly, or from one of their many websites, you are randomly assigned a free Team Beachbody Coach.

2.  Directly from an Independent Team Beachbody Coach:   If you are going to buy Shakeology, you might as well choose your own Coach and take advantage of the bonuses I offer.   For example, I will mail you 2 Free Shaker Bottles just for placing your monthly autoship order through me!  Beachbody does not offer Shakeology Coupons or Promo Codes, but I am authorized to give you the exact same discounts they offer…

So why not take the freebies!!!


Shakeology, Where to Buy it in Stores:

The only way to buy Shakeology in a store, is if you know a Beachbody Coach who owns their own brick-and-motar business.


Shakeology, Where to Buy it at a Discount?

Right here from me of course, and yes Beachbody does allow you to buy it from me at a discount price.   In fact, when you buy Shakeology on monthly autoship you automatically receive Super Discount Shipping for only $2 a month.  That right there will save you around $10!    But…Beachbody also allows me to offer you a 10% or 25% discount, and the ability to save even more money through a Challenge Pack (where you can receive one of Beachbody’s top selling fitness programs for less than $20!)


I hope this clears up “where to buy shakeology.”

Now, click below to view the 4 options available and to learn
how you can receive 2 Free Shakeology Shakers Cups from me!

Where to Buy Shakeology Coupons

Coupon for Shakeology? 2 Free Shakers + Save 25%

shakeology coupon 2 dollar shipping

Shakeology Coupons Do Not Exist

But Below You Can Choose Your
Shakeology Discount and then Request Your

2 Free Shaker Bottles (a $28.95 Value!)


 Step 1:   

Click a Discount Option (Below) & Place an Order Using these Guidelines:

–  If you place an order by clicking Option 1 or 2 (below) it should, and MUST, say “Yes, I want Do This Today, LLC to be my Coach” at the very bottom of the “checkout page.”

–  The 2 Free Shakers offer is only valid for new customer orders (placed with an email address not currently on file with Beachbody), and can only be mailed within the USA.

–  A Shakeology Coupon or Promo Code is not required.

Step 2: 

Send Me an Email at holly@ beachbodycoach.com with the Following Info…

Please include Your Name, Order #, Mailing Address, and the Color Preference of Your Free Premium Shakeology Hybrid Shaker (Graphite, Mint, or Plum)

Once I verify your order, I will mail you a FREE Premium Shaker Cup!  Once your second order ships, I will also mail you a FREE Premium Hybrid Shaker Bottle.

Shakeology Coupon

Shakeology Promo Code


To Save 10% – 25% on Shakeology
& ALL of Your Future Beachbody Purchases
Consider a Beachbody “Club” or “Coach” Membership…

Shakeology Coupon Code

Option 3 Details:

–  If you plan on buying Shakeology on a monthly basis, the Club Membership will cost you about the same amount of money that it will save you.  However, you will then receive a 10% discount on everything else you purchase -AND- you’ll basically receive the “Beachbody On Demand” unlimited online access FOR FREE!  All without a coupon.

–  It MUST say, “Our records show your Coach will be Holly Blochowitz” under Coach Referral on the first page of the online application.

–  After clicking on Option 3 & signing-up for the Club, you’ll need to return to this page to:

1.  Use Option 1 or 2 above to place your Shakeology order.
2.  Follow Step 2 below to request your 2 Free Shaker Bottles.


Shakeology Coupons

Option 4 Details:

–  If you plan on purchasing Shakeology on a monthly basis, a Coach Membership will save you more than $16 every month.  And, you are NOT required to sell anything…ever!

Example of Savings:

$129.95 (Retail Price)
– $32.49 (25% Coach Discount)
+ $15.95 (Monthly Coach Fee)

$113.41 for Shakeology with a Coach Membership

–  It MUST say, “Our records show your Coach will be Holly Blochowitz” under Coach Referral on the first page of the online application.

–  After clicking on Option 4 you will be able to purchase Shakeology or a Challenge Pack while signing-up for the Coach Membership.  However, you’ll need to return to this page in order to follow Step 2 below to request your 2 Free Shaker Bottles.



Please Let Me Know if You Have Questions
Feel free to use the link above to email me; I would love to hear from you.

I know how confusing all of the different options can be
(Maybe a Shakeology Coupon Code would be easier!)

buy shakeology for traveling

Buy Shakeology in
Individual Serving Packets

…and a List of Other
Healthy Snacks for Traveling


If you are like me, I am constantly trying to figure out what to eat…and more importantly…what not to eat.   It was one of the main reasons I first decided to buy Shakeology.   I knew that when I needed a snack, it would be something I could devour without having to think about whether I should or shouldn’t put it in my body.

So once it became my go-to snack, breakfast, craving stopper, etc. I had to figure out a way to take it with me everywhere I went.   Needless to say, I was happy to find out I could buy Shakeology in individual serving packets.   Now all I have to do is keep couple in my purse and/or car, and since I always take a full water bottle with me, I am set.

However, I of course still find myself wanting other types of snacks while I am on the road.  (Sometimes you just need actual food!)  And let me tell you…it is never a good idea to rely on finding snacks along the way.  Convenience Stores, Fast Food, Airplane Food…nope, not a good idea.    The best advice is to of course eat a healthy and filling meal before leaving home.   But once that wears off, here are some great options…

Dried Fruits
Fresh Fruit
Raw Vegetables
Seeds (Pumpkin, Sunflower, Flax, etc.)
Almond Butter
Shakeology No Bake Cookies
Dry Oatmeal (It is actually really good.)

I hope this helps, but do yourself a favor and buy Shakeology individual serving packs now…you’ll be happy you did!

Buy Shakeology to Consume Low Glycemic Super Foods

Foods low on the Glycemic Index are wonderful for the body & aid in weight loss.

Buy Shakeology Here to Receive:
$2 Shipping + 2 Free Premium Shakers

If you need another reason to buy Shakeology and drink it daily,
here it is:
  It has a 24 Glycemic Index (GI) Rating!

High-GI Foods (above 70) trigger a rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, which:

• Allows the body to store fat
• Is the cause of hunger pangs and never feeling full
• Cause a sugar rush and then crash
• Can eventually lead to high blood pressure, fluid retention, and even diabetes

Low-GI Foods (under 55) even out blood sugar and insulin levels, which:

• Increases the amount of glycogen, the hormone responsible for the burning of body fat
• Helps you feel full and satisfied longer
• Can balance your mood
• Can eventually reduce the risk of heart disease, helps control or prevent diabetes, and even positively affects the aging process.

So when you buy Shakeology, you are buying a meal replacement that actually has a lower Glycemic Index than almost all fruits, many vegetables, and of course all of the nasty processed foods!

p90x couponBeachbody Does Not Allow Coupon
or Promo Codes for P90X

Below You Will Find:

3 P90X Discount Options
+  Recieve 2 Free Shakeology Shakers

What is P90X?

P90X is a fitness program that brings extreme results in only 90 days thanks to the science of Muscle Confusion™.  Each workout is designed to continually challenge the muscles of your body with new and changing moves.   You will never have to worry about reaching a plateau, because just when you think you might…everything changes…allowing you to get in great shape in much less time.

Is there a P90X Coupon or Promo Code?

Beachbody does not offer or allow Beachbody Coaches to use P90X Coupon or Promo Codes, just like they do not allow the use of a Shakeology Coupon Code.   But thankfully you don’t need one…in order to save money and receive freebies from me!

Can You Buy P90x in Stores?

“Where can I buy P90X in a store?” is a question I am ofter asked, and unfortunately the answer is:  You can’t, P90X is only sold directly though Beachbody and Team Beachbody Coaches.   However, I will show you 3 ways you can save money on P90X (+ receive 2 Free Shakers if you choose a Challenge Pack.)

Where Can You Buy P90X?

Well…if you like discounts and free gifts then you can buy P90X online from this website…and no you still won’t need a coupon or promo code.   The only other options are to buy it directly from Beachbody (and be randomly assigned a Coach), or buy it from one of the other thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches who are ready and willing to help you.


Watch a Video or Buy P90X Now

where to buy p90x in stores


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.    I will be happy to help you find the best deal…so you never pay more than you need to.

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