Where to buy shakeology in storesDo You Know Where to
Buy Shakeology in Stores?

(Shakeology Free Shipping is over, but now you can receive $2 Shipping + 2 Free Shakers.  Plus you can try Shakeology Samples in all 6 Flavors!)

Yes, it is possible to buy Shakeology in stores, but the chances of finding a brick & mortar business that sells it aren’t good.   However, with Beachbody’s new Super Discount $2.00 Shipping, and my offer to mail you 2 Free Shakers…there is no reason for you to keep looking for Shakeology in a store.

But even with that said, you are probably still wondering…

Where Can I Buy Shakeology in Stores?

The only stores that sell Shakeology are those that are privately owned and operated by an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.   Examples would be privately owned gyms, salons, etc.    Sorry, you cannot buy Shakeology at Walmart, or any other chain store.

The good news is, even though you have to buy Shakeology online, or directly from a Coach, Beachbody only charges $2.00 for shipping when you choose the Monthly Autoship option vs the normal shipping rate of $10-12 that it will cost you if you place a one-time order.

Plus, when you choose Monthly Autoship…I will personally mail you 2 Free Shakers!

You can cancel at anytime (with one phone call) so you might as well save money and take the free gifts.   Plus, I almost guarantee you won’t want to stop drinking it once you see how great it makes you feel.   And speaking of saving money…Beachbody also has several ways you can save 10-25% when you buy Shakeology…or any other product.

To Learn Where to Buy Shakeology to Receive…
2 Free Shakers + $2.00 Shipping, as well as,
how to save 10-25% please submit the form above!


So that’s the good, and bad, news about where you can buy Shakeology in stores.   But don’t forget that just because there is no longer free shipping on Shakeology, I have an even better offer for you!   If you have any questions, please let me know!    And remember…I highly recommend you try Shakeology samples first.


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